Institute for the Future
"Future of Work" program
Kevin Drum
Russell Sage Foundation
Kelly Services
Aspen Institute
Pew's Internet and American Life Project
Douglas Rushkoff
Tyler Cowen
Markle Foundation, Economic Future Initiative
Cornell Industrial and Labor Relations School
Forum for the Future
SEIU's 21st Century Blueprint Committee
Intel's Tomorrow Project
Kettering Foundation
Emergent Research Partners
MBO Partners
Dennis Snower
Data & Society Research Institute
Lilly Irani
Susan J. Lambert
David Autor
David Weil
Oxford Martin Programme
Harold Meyerson
Equal Future
PWC Consulting
Pew Report
Freelancers Union
Open Society Foundations Future of Work
Gina Neff
Wanda Orlikowski
Judy Wajcman
Steve Barley
Gideon Kunda
Beth Bechky
David Stark
Paul Leonardi
Diane Bailey
Melissa Mazmanian
Frog Design
Trebor Scholz
Mary Gray
Pamela Hinds
Woody Powell
JoAnne Yates
Zeynep Ton
Thomas Malone
Shoshana Zuboff
Nicholas Carr
Simon Head
Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Mel Gregg
Melissa Cefkin
Saskia Sassen
Laura Forlano
Jeremy Rifkin
New America Foundation
Conservative Think Tanks
Boston Consulting Group
Roosevelt Institute's Future of Work Initiative
London Business School, Lynda Gratton
McKinsey Global Institute
Farhad Manjoo
Aspen Institute Report
Carnegie Mellon's Center for the Future of Work
Third Way Think Tank
Martin Ford
The Future of Work Initiative
Izabella Kaminska
Frank Levy & Richard Murnane
Rockefeller Foundation
EPI's Economic Research
and Analysis Network
The Atlantic Council
Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology
The Workers Lab
Cornell University
MIT Initiative on Technology and Self
Singularity University
Mike Konczal,
Roosevelt Institute Fellow
Jaron Lanier
Roosevelt Institute
"Next American Economy"
Co-Exist "Futurist Forum"
Paul Krugman, Economist
Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson
Edward and Robert Skidelsky
W. Brian Arthur
Peter Frase, Sociologist
Work Revolution Summit
Project Syndicate
John Quiggin
Center for American Progress and PolicyLink

Fully developed, ongoing inquiry with dedicated staff and resources, an
institutional home, and substantial deliverables.
Ongoing thought leadership, reporting series, commentary, content aggregation, and/or related meetings and forums.
One-time (but valuable) research study, conference or general publication that continues to inform other work.
Number of Years Projecting into the Future
Short-term (3–5 yrs)
Medium-term (5–10 yrs)
Long-term (10–30 yrs)
Initiative focused on structural inequality and workers' rights.